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Why use the ugly, dull and common banners YouTube provides, when ours is a beautiful eye-catching and memorable graphic art work, that will wow your visitors and make your YouTube OneChannel look so much more professional.

Find the perfect background or header banner design for your YouTube One Channel, Facebook page, Flickr, Twitter and Google Plus or Google Pages.

Spice up your Social Media presence with one of our beautiful and unique banner art templates.

Get it customized to include your branding with your logo and/or images and text, or leave it as is- it’s stunning already!

Our Banner Art Templates are Royalty Free!
Use the banner art you purchased from us everywhere – for your YouTube OneChannel, for your Facebook page/s, your Flickr, your Google page/s and Google Plus (G+ / Google+), website etc.

What royalty free means, is you can use them for your personal and commercial use (like when publishing your book and using it for the cover, or using our graphic banner art in a YouTube or other video you make and earn money from etc.).

However, you may NOT re-sell, sell, give away as a gift to others, place it or link to it for downloading in forums, websites of any kind and file sharing sites, or re-package and sell as your own.

See Our Banner Art Galleries

Click on images below to view our banner art galleries in a popup lightbox.

FYI: Each image you see here is a reduced smaller size of the full sized one you get (2,560 x 1,440 px), and naturally, it comes without the watermark!


Our Pricing:

  1. Templates – $9.99  Only $5 per each,  for next 50  23 orders
  2. Customizing your template with your logo, image/s and/or text –
    $39.99  Only $19.99 for next 50  14 orders
  3. Customizing your template with your logo, image/s and/or text
    and resizing it for perfect fit on your other social media pages –
     $59.99  Only $29.99 for the next 50  27 orders


After your purchase of one or more of our templates was confirmed by PayPal, you will receive the file via Email. Please allow up to 24h for delivery of your template/s.

If you purchase a customization service for a template, please allow up to 72h for delivery. In cases where we get large order volumes delivery of your customized template may take up to 5 working days.

To make certain you get customization the way you’d like, please provide clear and full instructions in the order form (you’ll see appropriate field when selecting the customized service).

Refunds Policy:  You have a right to a full refund if we do not send you your template. However, once we begin working on customization and/or after you receive the template/s no refunds will be issued, as this is a digital product delivery.

How to Make sure you select the right image: 

  • View image in the popup lightbox gallery or on individual gallery pages.
  • When you find a template image you like, RIGHT-CLICK on the image (or on the corresponding thumb below big image in the gallery popup).
  • You will see a menu popping up with an option to “Copy Image URL”. Or similar, depending on the browser you use.
  • Click the link to copy the link URL.
  • You can paste this link into a temporary text file if you’re not sure and  want to keep viewing.
  • Once you know what you want to buy, paste the full image URL (or just the last 4 digits) into the right order form field.

Thank you for your business!

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